We support ambitious clients in the construction and renovation of exemplary buildings

We are a low-carbon project management company using architecture and construction to bring exceptional projects to life.

Here's how.

AMO Programmiste Paris Marseille

Architectural programming

This is the most important stage of a project, when 80% of the elements of a project are defined. We start from your vision of the project, challenge your assumptions and help them evolve. in line with our research and your ambitions. Our mission: to define a relevant program combining sobriety, resilience and reversibility.

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Competition organization

Bringing to life an outstanding, innovative, environmentally-friendly project: that's our goal. specialty. We unite international project management teams around exceptional projects. Our mission: to create teams and projects that reflect your ambitions.

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Project management (PM)

Respecting a project, a deadline and a budget. We support you in the operational follow-up of the design and construction phases. Our team, dedicated to your project, puts all its expertise into making your project a success. project.

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Top 5% of architects worldwide

150 applications on average.

6 months saved on average.

Top 5% of architects worldwide

150 applications on average.

6 months saved on average.

"BAM's commitment to each of our real estate projects contributes to the success of these operations, whose architectural and environmental ambitions we share."

Julien Lalanne

"BAM has invented a new profession: making dreams come true! Thanks to their method and their networks, we were able to find THE ideal partner for our future winery."

Ivan Massonat

"The commitment and professionalism of the BAM teams exceeded our expectations. The success of our project would not have been the same without them".

Charles Perrin

"The success of our operation is down to the quality of the relationship we've built up with BAM, and their determination to see the project through."

A. Joubert

"BAM did an outstanding job and was a huge success when the competition went online."

Philippe Guigal